Program Overview


At the Art-Haus Academy, students explore the role of senses, emotions, creativity, and intellect through the visual arts. Since everyone develops differently, the ART-Haus Academy offers basic art courses that inspire young minds and their creative journeys. Each course focuses on specific skills and ideas that interweave together.

Students work toward a Certificate of Achievement for each Mason Gross course completed and a Certificate of Merit for completing the entire Mason Gross curriculum. Certificates are awarded based upon the instructor’s assessment of student participation and consistent attendance. Students show their artwork during end-of-semester exhibits coinciding with Extension Division dance and music recitals, allowing all within the Extension Division’s extended community to enjoy the accomplishments of ART-Haus participants.

Classes are taken sequentially and age ranges are flexible. Enrollment discounts and a variety of benefits are available to Zimmerli and Mason Gross class participants.

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