Program Overview

ART-Haus Academy Mission Statement

At the ART-Haus Academy, students explore the role of the senses, creativity, cultural expression, art history, and new ideas through materials and visual form. Since everyone develops differently, the ART-Haus Academy offers basic, intermediate, and advanced art courses that inspire young minds on their creative journeys. Each course focuses on different ways of making and ideas that interweave to support students’ in their development and understanding of self and world.

We strongly believe that the arts, in all of the different forms, is a way of making meaning out of lived experience through materials. Our art classes are designed to encourage individual artistic development, which can inspire interests in other subjects and enhance ones’ overall quality of life. While classes are designed to show students different ways of understanding form, space, color, and composition, assignments are open-ended to allow individual exploration of visual language and meaning. Making through observation, memory, imagination, and experimentation are offered. Diversity of thinking and expression are encouraged.

Students work towards Certificates of Achievement for successful participation, completion, and attendance within each Mason Gross Extension Division Art-Haus course. Students show their artwork during end-of-semester exhibits coinciding with Extension Division dance and music recitals, allowing all within the Extension Division’s extended community to enjoy the accomplishments of ART-Haus participants.

Classes are taken sequentially and age ranges are flexible. Enrollment discounts and a variety of benefits are available to Zimmerli and Mason Gross class participants.

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